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Ranks 5th among world’s most beautiful churches for Viscri fortified church[29/11/2016] 

The Fortified Church in Viscri, Brasov county (Romania) ranks 5th among world’s most beautiful churches in a ranking made by The Telegraph.

‘Not a castle; once a chapel; now a church. This place of worship, Lutheran since the Reformation, was initially a chapel, but was turned into a single-nave church in the 16th century. Seven-metre fortifications have surrounded it since the 12th century. The interior is relatively plain, with dark wood wall panelling, bare pews and a narrow aisle. Viscri, where the church can be found, in Transylvania, forms part of the “Romanian villages with fortified churches” Unesco World Heritage Site. Always small, Viscri is even today home to no more than 500 people,’ reads the UK daily’s description.

The firs 4th places are: Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia ranks first in The Telegraph’s top, followed by Borgund Stave Church, Norway, Bethlehem church, Iran and Notre Dame du Haut chapel, France.

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On day trip - Piatra Mare mountain[23/10/2016] 

We’ve been in a one day trip in Piatra Mare mountains. We left Bucharest at 7,00 AM and returned at 20,00 PM only because it is October. In the summer, you can spend more time on the ridge.

It’s no need to be in a high condition to complete this trip, but a min training is necessary, on the other hand you can stop at Tamina fall after an hour and spend some time there.

On the top you’ll find a beautiful grassland and you can admire a landscape that include Bucegi, Piatra Craiului and Postavaru mountains.   

Conclusion: are you located in Bucharest? Do you want to escape for one day?

Piatra Mare is worth!

On day trip!  

Ciucas mountains[13/10/2016] 

We’ve been in Ciucas mountain two times this year: ones in the middle of August and second time in the beginning of October. Due to its proximity of Bucharest, this mountain could be a bestseller for those who are only a day or two for a short holiday.   

Conclusion: Ciucas is an affordable 3 ½ seasons mountain (spring, fall, summer and ½ winter) with beautiful landscapes, quiet and poetic (unlike Bucegi mountain – a crowded mountain during the weekend, too commercial for us!).

Trails well marked form Est (Valea Stanei) as well as West (Pasul Bratocea). You can hike it during winter time if the snow isn’t ticker than 30 cm but be careful and wear winter equipment and have appropriate physical condition!    

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Rodnei and Calimani mountains and Colibita Lake[21/09/2016] 

We’ve decided to make a trip in the West part of Rodnei mountains (Rosu Peak – Ineut Pk – Litle Lala lake – Ineu Pk – and back with start from Dorel’s chalet – a special men and an extraordinary guide) and Calimani mountains (Cibotani village – Retitis Pk – Calimani Cerbului Pk – Retitis Pk – Pietrosu Pk – Gruiu Pk – Ciungetu Pk – Rastolnita village) not by bicycles but for trekking & hiking. We’ve started on 06.09.2016 and returned after 12 days having 1500 km by car, 138 km with backpacks, 7320 m elevation. We’ve had a short track by bicycles but only 34 km around Colibita lake. It was short but pleasant. As general impression: Calimani are gentle and long … very long (you can notice they are volcanic mountains), till 1300 m you’ll find a lot of beautiful meadows waiting for your tents and without so many sheepfolds. Rodnei mountains are old and strong with very strong glacial accents (glacial lakes and valleys) with a lot of red on the top during June – July because of rhododendrons.

It was an amazing journey, we’ve met extraordinary peoples who live and breathe nature!

Bellow you’ll find just few pics and the rest of it you’ll find on the site at each chapter and we hope that some of you will experience and enjoy the same track sometime.

We’ll be back next year if we’ll be healthy!  

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Ranks 5th among world’s most beautiful churches for Viscri fortified church

The Fortified Church in Viscri, Brasov county...details »


On day trip - Piatra Mare mountain

We’ve been in a one day trip in Piatra...details »