Rodnei Mountains

National Park Rodnei Mountain - North Transylvania.


Cycling/trekking/hiking in the north part of Transylvania - you will discover pure nature in our predefined tours or you can configure your own tours using the Tailor made section. 
Rodnei National Park is situated in North Transylvania and it's part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1979. If you will hike this mountain, you will discover a variety of landscapes, characterized by the richness of flowers and rare species of plants, glacial lakes, steeps and many others.

There are lot of cycling trails around this mountain even if you drawing near from  South, West, North or East side. Basically, routes suitable for cyclingit is surround it. The cycling tours could be adjusted from beginner to advanced, depending on the training level of the participants . The length of these cycling tours could vary from 15 to 40 km.   

You can start to climb the Rodnei mountain from two directions: West and East. The mountain axis is from E to W. We started from the Eastern side because of its proximity to the Calimani mountain, where we have been before. So we had started from Sant village, we followed the route to the Diana chalet at 1250 m and from this point directly to the Rosu peak. In the Eastern side there are three peaks: Rosu, Ineut and Ineu with 2113 m, 2222 m and 2279 m and two lakes named Lala (the big and the small one)- with glacial origins. You can make a one-day trip with 4-6 kg backpack weight: go/back from the Diana chalet to the Ineu peak, or you can carry a tent and you will stay overnight at Lala lake (we chose the last alternative, because in this way we had the possibility to watch the sunset and the sunrise from the Ineu peak). 
Overall we can say that Rodnei is an amazing mountain. 
You can traverse the whole ridge (45 km) in 3 -4 days depending on weather. 
On the Western side  you’ll find the Pietrosu and Buhaescu Mare peaks with 2303 m and 2119 m height and “La Carti” lake.  
We can organize cycling tours in this area for 3-4 days, but we recommend combining cycling tours and trekking/hiking for 5-7 days.  


Glacial landforms, falls, springs, beatiful landscapes, rare flora … put all together and named: Rodnei Mountains.


Rodnei mountain - North Transylvania - cycling tours and trekking. 
Trekking Rodnei mountain.



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