North Transylvania

MTB and XC trails for nature lovers! 



The cycling tours in the North Transylvania ( MTB tour Transylvania) could be defined as SPECTACULAR AND WILD MTB or XC tours: MTB Apuseni (mountain bike Apuseni)& MTB (mountain bike Rodnei) Rodnei mountains & MTB Calimani moutains. 

We'll find here the vastness of Apuseni mountains with its fast rivers, caves everywhere, secular fir forests and gravel roads waiting for MTB & XC cyclists together with fairytale landscapes of Rodnei mountains untouched by the modernity and continued be the steep slopes of Turda keys. The last but not least: Calimani Mountains: you'll find there a special MTB road named Via Theresia - 42 km and 2200 m + elevation, hard trail with technical parts, rocks, jump points ... everything that will make you happy and/or make you suffer. You will touch 2100 m altitude, with spectacular hiking trails and beautiful landscapes. 
We highly recommend to combine MTB with trekking/hiking in these areas. This is the only way to real touch the limits!  

Do you want to spend one night in a modern "old" town? It's simple ... we're going to Cluj! This city is a cocktail of modern and ancient architecture styles, full of nightlife but in the same time quiet as the old grandmother town ... The city traces its origin in 124 A.D. when it received the rank of "municipium" by the Roman government. A cycling tour in this town will be a pleasant time after a hard working in a Cross-Country Apuseni tour or MTB Rodnei mountains tour. 


Our recommendations for MTB tour & hiking Transylvania North (Mountain bike tour Transylvania North):

  • Cycling tour (MTB and XC tours) in Apuseni only.  Will be an amazing mountain bike tour in the middle of pure nature. You can combine with two days in Cluj.
  • Cycling tour (MTB and XC tours) in Rodnei mountains combined with trekking - hiking in the same area: 5-7 days.
  • MTB tour combined with trekking-hiking in Calimani Mountains for 5-7 days. 


MTB tour Transylvania - enjoy pure nature!

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