Central Transylvania - Saxon villages

Central Transylvania - cycling tours - Saxon villages!


Highlights: cities of Sighisoara and Sibiu,

                   UNESCO heritage – Viscri, Saschiz, Biertan fortified churches.


The Central Transylvania shares the superlative of the pearl on the crown of the Romanian tourism with the Danube Delta.



Because of the Saxon villages that were built around the fortified churches which appeared when the Kings of Hungary settled German colonists in the area – 12-th century. These strong communities of artisans and merchants had a special status among nations in the province and their civilization managed to survive and thrive. The fortified churches stand to the present day because of the way those were built. All this villages were economically strong, well developed and together formed a network and the first defense line of the Germanic empire against Eastern savage nations at those times. We are talking about BIRTAN, VISCRI, CRIT, SASCHIZ, MESENDORF, MALANCRAV.


Ok, this is history … but the question remains: why are the Saxon villages so popular on the international tourism market now?

The answer is: because of the unspoiled landscapes, the unchanged way of life and because just a few things were changed here in the last 300 years. Prince Charles bought many proprieties in this area and established a Foundation that has been struggling to preserve this area since 2007. He declared Viscri and Central Transylvania his second home and a European Cultural and Architectonic treasure. Together with Prince Charles, many others from Western Europe bought properties and moved in one of the Saxon villages.

Together with all these beautiful Saxon villages we will find here old German cities as: SIBIU - European Cultural Capital 2007, Medias and Sighisoara - the only European inhabited fortress.  

Medias, Sibiu and Sighisoara are part of "The seven cities" league that gave Transylvania its German name Siebenbürgen (literally seven cities). 


What do you think about it? ... seems interesting! 

Let's have a tour, a cycling tour in this area! You will be immersed in the past.


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Cycling tour - Saxon villages.

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