Hard rock - MTB in  Bucegi mountains. 


It is commonly conveyed that there is an energetic centre in Bucegi Mountains. We don’t know if there is a gate to another hidden world or it’s a part of a tunnel which connect it with other energetic points of the planet - the Sphinx in Egypt, Baghdad, Mount Kailash in Tibet – and lead to a secret World under the Gobi Plateau in Mongoliaand Antartica … but one thing we know for sure: a RIDE on Bucegi mountains fills your body with energy

Bucegi plateau is crossed by many old trekking trails - a perfect place for really great rides.

With a maximum altitude of 2505 m Bucegi mountains offer ideal conditions for trekking, climbing, skiing and biking - MTB. 

You can start your trip from different altitudes between 800 - 1500 m, so you can adjust the level of each trail acc to your condition. There are two chalets on the plateau at 2000 m so if you want you can stay overnight there. It will be an extraordinary experience!

But overall in these mountains we'll find a large range of available trails (MTB), which offer enough options for medium level but also for an experimented mountain biker.

Bucegi Plateau could be coupled in the same session with others mountains such as Ciucas, Piatra Craiului, Piatra Mare, Baiului where you will find many other MTB trails. 


Interactive map for this area here


MTB - Romania

MTB - Bucegi plateau.



              Peles Castle – ...


Bucegi plateau

80% of the Bucegi Plateau high is betweeen 2050 - 2250 m, but the remain 20% ...




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